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Trending features of application development in 2021

Every individual who has turned to technology in order to lead a simple life, shall know what influence a smartphone has cast on his life. Indeed, the rage that smartphones have generated in the past few years has taken the entire world of technology by storm . Of all the contributions ever made by mobile phones, the most dynamic one has to be the genesis of “Mobile applications”. The kind of revolution mobile applications have brought into our lives, [...]

Spring Graph Query Language

Meta Description Spring Graph QL is a successor to Graph Java Spring. It is a 1.0 milestone. With the technology moving forward, so is our coding language. Let us first try and understand Graph QL. If you don’t know much about GraphQL, here’s some detailing. GraphQL is also widely accepted in “Early Majority” based on the 2020 InfoQ Architecture Trends. It offers other REST APIs that are more data-intensive and provides a schema and language of questions to be used by clients. [...]

Develop an Awesome Progressive Web Application!

What are Web Applications? A Web application is an application software running on a web server that does not operate locally on the device’s operating system (OS) computer-based software applications. The user can access Web apps using an active network connection web browser. Those apps are created using an off-site server that is hosted by a third party, and the customer provides services. Example web applications widely utilised include: web mail, retail sales for internet, online banking and online auctions. [...]