Our Process

“A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that works.” –  John Gule

We Can Help You With

We follow the industry standard processes in order to build world-class solutions to our clients. We combine technology and innovation to develop the best in the class applications. We start by crafting simple strategies. We understand that every customer is different, so we offer customized solutions to suit the individual needs of our individual and enterprise clients.


It is extremely important that we understand vision of our client. We Listen to clients with empathy to understand their requirement thoroughly. We help clients to refine their requirements as per their objectives. We discuss our queries and give our suggestions to build a great product. Then, we analyze the requirements with respect to objectives, have the discussion with the client and prepare a project specification that includes key milestones and deliverable modules. Once all the details are agreed upon, we frame the scope of work that includes timelines and costs involved.


After client’s go-ahead signal, we develop our project plan. Our project manager allocates the best-suited designers and developers for application based on the devices the application has to run and other characteristics such as — typical usage patterns, number of screens and interaction points. We proceed further only when client satisfies with the overall plan.


Maybe the client wants the app to match their company’s existing personality. Maybe the client wants the app to have its own unique brand identity. Maybe clients have in mind is a specific colour pattern. Whatever the case may be, our team of world class UI experts design the app’s visual style. We design the most intuitive calls-to-action and create an engaging user experience. Ease-of-use remain in the centre of every design decision.


Once the design and navigation of the app finalize, we begin to develop the application. Our developers choose the best algorithms from our proprietary database to give the application the best performance. Our 10+ years of experience ensure that the app is created seamlessly and responsive.

Quality Assurance

Our independent quality assurance team steps in to conduct multi-device, multi-browser and multi-platform testing after developers have finished their task. Their responsibility is to test the app rigorously and make sure that the app meets global standards. We deliver the app for client’s review only after the quality assurance team certifies the app as per industry standards.


Finally, the app is complete. We deliver the test-built of the app and request the client to test it on their devices. We wait for their feedback. If during their review, the client wants anything to clarify or wants some minor changes, our team welcome clients concerns and promptly act on them. We deploy the app on the appropriate platform after clients acceptance of the app. We also include a free basic marketing package. Of course, after your app is live, we are always here to help the client with future updates.