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Angular is an open-source, JavaScript framework that helps you to create large applications in a maintainable manner. It is written in TypeScript and is mostly used to develop single-page applications. It is maintained by Google and was developed in 2009. Angular uses the process of two-way data binding. The model state reflects any changes made in the elements of the UI while the UI state reflects any changes made in the model state. Angular also facilitates proper testing of its applications. It uses the Jasmine testing framework. This framework provides many functionalities to write different kinds of test cases for your applications. Angular makes it easy to build and maintain large applications.


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    Angular has a lot of advantages for users who build applications using it, some of them are

    Testing- Testing is very crucial to any application. You would want to check all the aspects of your application through proper testing. Angular will enable you to test your application seamlessly. Angular had been built itself keeping testability in mind which greatly benefits you to test all parts of your application.
    Browser Compatibility- Angular is compatible with multiple browsers as it is a cross-platform tool. It easily runs on most browsers available today such as Opera, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, etc. Moreover, it also supports various operating systems as well such as Windows, Linux, and MacOS.
    Data Binding- Angular allows users to easily move data from JavaScript code to the view. Also, users don’t have to write any of the code manually during user events.
    Custom Components- Angular allows users to make their own components. This allows users to form custom components suiting their specific needs for their applications.

    Angular is one of the most popular web development frameworks across the world. Join us and learn the fundamentals of building applications using Angular and Angular CLI.