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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are a necessity for people, but for you, it is the easiest and most competitive way to penetrate your industry vertical. At Divergent Software Labs Pvt. Ltd., we help you build feature-rich mobile applications built for Android, iOS and Windows devices. Using our skillsets and technology prowess in dependable frameworks such as Java, Ionic, Flutter, React Native, we provide you with highly engaging mobile native, hybrid and cross platform applications to meet your diverse needs and for a wide array of genres.



– The cost of running a brick and mortar business is more as it requires infrastructure, a team of professionals, and more.
– People are rapidly changing their shopping behaviour to shift to online shopping.
– Traditional business setup restricts your growth and doesn’t provide you the scalability to reach global consumers.
– No data management technology to help you get crucial business insights necessary for powerful business insights.

Our services

Native App development

We help you build responsive mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows devices to run smoothly on smartphones and tablets of various screen sizes. We help you gain first-mover advantages by replicating the modern mobile app development changes with acute customization to meet your business challenges, while making it easy for your users to leverage your services easily. Apart from that, we have a huge experience in building applications for 15+ of industries including retail, education, healthcare and more.

– Feature-rich and secure business application development for improved business operations.
– Highly-engaging B2C applications with out-of-the-box UI/UX to intact your customer base throughout your business lifecycle.
– Years of experience in coding with Java, Ionic, React, Python.


Hybrid App Development

Get one app that runs on all platforms smoothly while reducing your development cost and meet your needs simultaneously. We help you build prolific hybrid mobile applications built on React Native and Flutter for high-performing mobile applications running without hinderance on iOS and Android devices. We make sure that our built hybrid applications are provide close-to native-like experience to keep your users engaged.


– 15+ industry vertical experience.
– 5+ years of experienced mobile app developers
– Team of UI/UX designers with in-depth industry knowledge and know-how of latest technologies.
– Intuitive hybrid app development at competitive prices.

IoT App Development

IoT is one of the best ways to automate your business operations while providing you remote capabilities. By gaining remote accessibility on your platform you get a huge benefit that allow you to collect crucial data to boost your business operations meanwhile reducing your workload. We help you control your smart devices using smartphone applications.

– IoT Applications for smart homes.
– IoT for Healthcare, retail, and Manufacturing industry
– IoT for connected cars
– Better data collection for crucial decision making.
– On-time project delivery.
– No hidden costs.
– All industries covered.
– Easy business upgradation.
– Competitive prices
– Free consultation services
– Use of high-end technology
– 24*7 customer support.