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Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Product Engineering Services

Crafting Product is an iterative development process, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between organising cross-functional teams and smoothly transiting through rapidly-changing requirements, and Developing a product that meets evolving business goals. Our Process combines high quality and fast paced product development, with Lean systems which enables scope of continuous iteration and improvement, explores multiple solutions to problems and boosts team collaboration.

We have the capability to handle the entire product development and engineering lifecycle from Ideation to deployment covering the full span of product Engineering solutions. We believe in delivering high quality scalable products in less time.


Future Ready Product Engineering

By utilising innovation and agility to respond to the dynamically shifting environment, we assist Customers in navigating the latest wave of disruption. Our highly competent engineering team develops products continuously by creating the technical architecture, creating a smooth environment, and providing integrated solutions. We consistently deliver business value Throughout the entire life cycle of product design and engineering.

Lean Framework

Lean product development is a process for building products faster with less Waste. With our focused lean approach we try to utilise each resource to its fullest potential, wasting nothing and adding value in every process step.
The 7 principles of lean product development that we follow –

1.Eliminate waste.
2.Build quality in.
3.Create knowledge.
4.Defer commitment.
5.Deliver fast.
6.Respect people.
7.Optimise the whole.

Key Differentiators

Shorter time to Market
Lean System Practices
Incremental Delivery.
Next generation technology adoption with accountability.
High benchmarks of Quality and Performance.

Divergent’s Approach towards Product Engineering

In order to achieve a successful product delivery, the product development process is a must that encourages cross-team collaboration with teamwork and communication at the forefront of the process.


Product Ideation

The first stage of the product development life cycle is brainstorming ideas to solve problems for user persona. At this stage we figure out Who is the customer? Is the product market fit? What problem is the product solving? and What value the product is delivering.

Product Design

Before starting development, You must have a plan that you will adhere to. At this stage of the product development lifecycle, we make major decisions regarding the choice of technologies, operating systems, interfaces, and more. Further alterations.

Product Development

Our development team follows on Lean Product Development that focuses on incremental and iterative development while promoting collaboration, communication and minimum wastage. At this stage a pure idea becomes a Working product.

Product Testing

Another crucial stage of the process is testing, during which QA engineers make sure that a product functions as planned. If any issues are found, changes are planned and implemented before the final delivery.

Product Deployment

Deployment can be considered one of the final stages of software development, as it contains all the processes that make the ready product available for users.