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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

We, Divergent soft lab provides consulting services that are driven by virtualization and converged technologies on the basis of cloud-first principal. The managed service at DSL will allow you to unleash your enterprise’s true potential with cloud infrastructure and promote cloud computing at many levels. We have been part of this cloud evolution for the past few years and we possess excellent insight on the subject through our partnership with AWS, Azure, and Google cloud.

As we are one of the prominent players in cloud computing, our team delivers effective cloud support and maintenance solutions that help globally as well as domestic customers to improve cloud storage, private, public and hybrid Application. Our cloud Consulting services will meet modem enterprise’s varying needs by the deployment of infrastructure and installation of base sites to SaaS, PaaS, and Iaas application growth.

Cloud Consulting 1
Consultation service
we will provide cloud maturity analysis consultation with application portfolio analysis as well as risk & compliance analysis.
Implementation service
We are able to implement cloud solutions with cloud design and system integration coupled with AWS cloud Consulting for application development.
Support services
we will monitor your operations, host application, and cloud AWS.
Cloud preparedness
we will help you recognize cloud requirements and adopt cloud models that will be suited for your internal and external business processes.

Cloud operations

It doesn’t matter if you have already started your cloud journey or are in the middle of it, our cloud operating system guarantees user and developer accessibility. It becomes possible with simple operation and reliability as we give you the freedom to test stability and speed.

As a cloud operation expert, divergent soft lab with your enterprise’s in-house development teams to track and manage cloud applications. We extend cloud operations to run a better CSI experience and set up the right AWS, Azure, and GCE continuous integration and continuous development pipeline.

Cost optimization
we will reduce the cost by optimizing the operational efficiencies that will drive Your enterprise's performance to an optimal level.
Functional efficiency
we will use tools and software through better automation and continuous integration that will create robust supply chains through cloud platforms.
Expert team
Our dedicated team of cloud technicians will help to meet all of your cloud operations needs by monitoring your business development quickly.

Cloud development services

The improvement of clouds, big data, and analytics has redefined the way businesses use, navigate and interact with data/information. The paradigm of the new generation cloud is shifting significantly. The new models of business enterprises are moving PaaS, open-source, democratized data through data sprouts into IT infrastructure that is driven by the cloud.
We will help you build versatile software as a service to navigate through the information fluently with the help of our extensive technological expertise.

Experienced team
Our experienced team of cloud developers can design versatile, stable, and creative app solutions that will offer outstanding support, Advanced user experience, and robust results.
Agile methodology
our team will help you track all sprints, code commitment, tactics, and principles as we create a mobile app with a validated agile approach.
Business suitability
we can make sure that your business ideas are brought to life by developing excellent and efficient mobile applications with an advanced user interface that will meet your business needs and goals.
Virtualization function
We can Develop a network virtualization SMSC application for your company's IT, technology business on top of the line service delivery platform, by using orchestrating systems and rule engines.