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E-Learning Solutions

We help people design feature-rich e-learning solutions that allow students and teachers to bridge their communication gap and learn and teach on an online platform. With a powerful backend technology, we provide you a user-friendly resource management system that allow you to keep a close track on your aggregators (teachers) and user (students) to check their activities, and engagement. Integrated with data analytics features we help you to capture, useful information to learn and adapt new ways service provision, improving your user experience and grow your business exponentially on global landscape.


The limitations in the teacher student communication can be a strong reason for the loss of engagement.
The penetration in the 3rd world countries is hard due to lack of internet availability.
Adaptation of technology is hardly seen in the rural areas.
Since group learning is not well implemented in most of the e-learning platforms, it limits the exchange of ideas.
Our Services
An online solution to reach your classroom students at home, the virtual classroom solutions offer you the flexibility to run your classroom studies in group online with various tools to mark their attendance, offer students a place to interact with the fellow students and teachers and also to share their classroom projects/ homework and classwork.
Integrated group and personal chat features.
File sharing.
Take virtual examinations with high-end security to leave no scope of cheating. We help you in building online examination portals for written, oral or MCQ type tests.
No scope for cheating.
Easy to use.
Accessible on various devices.
Remote learning websites with live streaming and live chat features. We build future-ready eLearning websites that can be accessed on any device to learn through the plethora of learning tools we implement.
Media-rich UI.
Easy to use.
Administer your staff and students in one go by using our institute management software coming with all the necessary tools for keep a track on teacher-studentattendance, classroom courses, student progress and much more.
Cloud integration for remote access.
Payroll management tools.
Single Admin Panel.
Multiple tabs for clean UI.


We help you increase your student-teacher interaction.
We make highly secure and single panel admin dashboard that makes it easy for you to keep a tab on everything that happens in your institute.
Integrated with cloud technology for remote access.
Feature-rich and comes with a plethora of teaching and learning tools for better and lasting impact.
Compatibility with rich media elements to make learning more engaging.