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FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) Software Solutions

Woven sack, non-woven and technical textile industry is on its rise and has become a highly competitive market. At Divergent Software Labs Pvt. Ltd., we help you build ERP solutions specifically designed for the plastic industry where we provide solution for FIBC, woven sack, non-woven, and technical textile industry. Our built software covers planning, scheduling, and managing of your resources by providing you summarized production reports, managing your waste, production, inventory, quality, purchase and more.


Waste management is one of the major challenges that comes FIBC production.
FIBC industry uses some very expensive machinery breakdown can potentially effect production and also cost the company time and money.
Lack of business insights puts businesses in a situation of over or under production.
High operational costs reduces the growth potential for companies.
Our Services
We can help you in developing highly accurate sales modules that helps you calculating the price, weight and type of bags you deal in. We help you in customizing these modules as per your business requirement to help you improve your workflow.
Automated pricing with assured 100% accuracy.
Weight-based pricing modules, helping you reduce your operational time.
Highly-customized systems to match your unique business needs.
Automate your manufacturing and reduce your operational cost by using high-end technology solutions helping your make your products as per your company standards. Our technology solutions help you in micro managing your workorders on different machines like looms, tape plant and others.
Automating your manufacturing operations using trending technology such as AI.
Providing your business insights using dependable technology such as machine learning.
Auto-generation of quantification sheets.
Automated input and output summary.
QR-code based tracking for fabric rolls.
Automate your inventory management using our high-end inventory management system. With integrated data analytics, we also help you in getting the crucial insights you require to manage your resources better.
Cloud-integrated inventory management system for remote access.
Inclusion of trendy solutions such as AI for automation of your processes.
Barcode-based product tracking with acute accuracy.
We help you in the development of purchase module that helps you in better management of your resources, orders, suppliers & distributors and more. We help you get the necessary toolset to do all the necessary to manage your orders on a single admin dashboard.
Time-specific delivery for better request management.
ERP software with well-defined PO line and single specific item.
Highly-efficient system to manage multiple deliveries on your specified delivery dates.
Machine Maintenance module development that covers entire collection of products covering all aspects of plant / machine maintenance for improved processes.
Single-handedly manages database of all inspection, servicing and repair activities.
Keeps track of electricity consumption, power factor, fuel consumption, working hours, water consumption, machine breakdown history for future improvements.
Comes with job assign register form to record information related to service, maintenance and complains to engineers on the basis of job cards assigned to engineers.


Track different types of wastage caused during manufacturing and other process.
Recording transaction of multiple units (Kgs, meters, serial numbers).
Automation of major processes.
Cost control by implementing technology-based solutions.
Quality control as per your company’s product-based standards.
Sales forecast, well-defined customer base management, and high-end production planning.