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Golang or Go is a programming language that was developed at Google in 2007 but later launched as an open-sourced language in 2009. It is used widely across the globe due to its simplicity, readability, efficiency, and its ability to run multiple tasks at the same time. Go was originally developed to use in the field of networking and infrastructure. But today, it has a much larger area of operation, which includes the following-
• Cloud-based and server-side applications.
• Development Operations and site reliability automation.
• Writing command-line tools.
• Artificial intelligence and data science
• Micro-controller programming, robotics, and games.

Multiple tech companies, as well as global leaders such as Google, Netflix, Amazon, Ethereum, Twitch, Kubernetes, Docker, Heroku, and much more use, Go for their operations.


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    Following are the advantages you get by using Golang or GO for your application

    Easy to Learn
    This programming language is fairly easy to learn. It is one of the simplest programming languages used in the world today. It is quite easy to learn the language if you already know the basic principles of any programming language.
    Good and Proper Documentation
    One of the major advantages of Golang is that it offers easy-to-read and proper documentation. The official website of the programming language has the necessary documentation which is easily accessible.
    Good Performance
    Go makes it very easy to write high-performing applications. This is because this particular language was developed for automation that too on a large scale. Thus you can create applications that perform on a high level.
    Strong Support
    Go is backed by a strong community around the world. As a user, you will surely get any sort of support with this programming language. If you face any issue, you can get it resolved within a short period of time as Golang has an active and supportive community.
    This language is used by some of the tech giants of the world. Google and Amazon profusely use this for their cloud-based operations. This makes Golang a trusted as well as tested language. So you don’t have to worry about its results.

    Well, Golang is indeed a great programming language for your application but you will also need trained people who can handle the language well. Divergent Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. offers such professional development services for the Golang language. We have developers who are well-trained in the language and can develop applications on it as per your requirements.