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Healthcare is one of the biggest industries in the world, but unfortunately due to its dependency on inefficient technology a lot of operational hazards are witnessed. It is one of those industries that collects massive data and is in dire need of automated process. Using DivergentSL healthcare software solutions, you can too easily manage medical records, provide better patient experience at your hospitals and clinics and extend remote assistance to your patients. Simple technology but robust solutions, find custom software development services for your every need to bypass the traditional inadequacy of the system and surpass your competition.


Remote Access to Healthcare.
Wastefulness and Unoptimized Supply Management.
Managing the massive volumes of patient-related data, its storage, security and retrieval is highly difficult.
Inefficiencies and errors in data sharing can be witnessed largely in the healthcare industry due to the use of lowkey technology.
Our Services
We provide you efficient healthcare software solutions that bring more mobility in the operations. We power your software with dependable cloud solutions that helps in managing your business-related operations easier. Our cloud and mobility-based solutions are highly secure to meet out your modern needs.
Better inventory management.
Hospital/clinic management solutions.
Secure data retrieval services along with better management of massive data.
Data-based inbuilt analytics for better decision making.
Remote accessibility.
It is necessary to stay compliant to all the policies and norms set by governing bodies around the world while providing online healthcare services. To ensure that, we help you in compiling the HIPPA and SEPA agreement to your products and build a trustful bond between users and you.
Secure cloud server with full-administrator access.
Intrusion prevention services.
Multi-factor authentication licenses.
Server management services.
Custom healthcare software development with 3rd party integrations helping you in improving the functionality of the software and meeting out your core business needs. We help you in integration of different complimenting applications to empower your workflow and bring ease in operations.
Customized software development as per your unique business needs.
Secure and agile 3rd party integration for workflow flexibility.
Better business management with modern trends and toolsets.
Integration modern technology such as AI/ML, chatbots and more.
Reduces your operational costs.
Custom healthcare app development solutions that allow you to improve your overall efficiency of the business and help you in reducing the cost and time standards. We allow you to build custom healthcare applications with admin, user and doctor toolsets to improve the scope of overall application.
Intelligent and intuitive healthcare mobile application development for hospital management, finding doctors, consultation, payroll management and much more.
Integrated cloud-technology for data accessibility.
Powerful UI/UX on admin, aggregators and users end for better app engagement.
Integrated trending solutions for scalability.


We use dependable technology solutions for building cross-platform applications.
We help you in improving your patient experience with your services.
Our products are made highly secure, and we HIPPA and SEPA compliance to ensure trust between users and company.
Secure single panel admin dashboard development with powerful authentication features for safer hospital management.
Integrated cloud technology for data management.
Cost-effective solutions to reduce your operational cost.
Efficient application development services by experienced software developers for flexibility in operations.
Secure third-party integration services.