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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a branch of artificial intelligence and computer science that deals with the development of computer systems in a way so that they require minimal human intervention while making decisions. It is based on the idea that systems can learn from data, analyze it and make decisions based on their learnings, all without explicit programming. Machine learning is widely used in various fields of our lives. It focuses on the development of systems that can gain the ability to learn similar to humans. There are primarily two methods of machine learning which are widely applied, which are-
1.  Supervised Learning
2.  Unsupervised Learning

Organizations today have to deal with huge chunks of data and therefore the concept of machine learning has grown rapidly in the past few decades. Through machine learning, computer systems can derive useful insights from such data that can be of great help to the organization and its operations. Here are a few areas where machine learning is used-
• Transportation
• Healthcare
• Retail Industry
• Government Operations
• Finance and Banking
• Smartphones and Smartwear Devices
• Gaming Industry
• Robotics and Automation, and many more.

We are constantly surrounded by technology almost everywhere we go and machine learning is about making these devices think better and act better. Therefore, machine learning is extensively applied in many areas.

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    Here are some of the many applications of Machine Learning

    Speech Recognition
    Almost every application has an in-app voice feature nowadays. The most common among these is Google’s search by voice feature. This is an application of machine learning itself. Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri, and Alexa are some of the top speech recognition tools that apply machine learning.
    Product Recommendations
    Another application of machine learning can be seen in applications that recommend things to their customers. Apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon Shopping, etc are prominent examples that use product recommendations.
    E-mail Spam Filter
    You might have seen that the emails you receive are segmented and filtered into useful and spam by the application or UI. Some emails are sent directly to the spam folder while some remain in the general inbox. This is an application of machine learning as well.
    Self-Driving Cars
    Tesla has brought a revolution in the car industry with cars that are self-driven by AI. Machine learning is the basic idea behind this operation,i.e, self-driving cars.
    Traffic Prediction
    You will surely have used Google Maps to reach a particular destination or to commute through traffic. Maps show you the fastest path while also showing you the amount of traffic on a particular path as well.
    Customer Support
    Machine learning is heavily used in the field of customer support as well. Whenever a customer has a query, it is not always answered by a human. Rather some queries can be taken care of by bots on the application or a website.
    Search Engine
    Search engines such as Google are one of the most used services on the planet on a regular basis. Machine learning is used here to help the search engine to give users the best search results.