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Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed IT services

To maintain a fluent IT environment in a company, there is a demand for relentless commitment and the availability of highly skilled workers. Many companies are troubled by these factors as well as the need for a constantly evolving market. it becomes inevitable for them to seek the service of an MSP. We, Divergent soft lab provide managed IT services that stay active 24/7x 365. Because in the IT sector, there is a high possibility of network disruption and system failure for overloads of system usage.

You also get to benefit from our team of IT professionals as you collaborate with Divergent, getting the hang of Managed IT professionals as they pinpoint issues and resolve them efficiently with the right technology services. All the IT-related issues such as detection and audit services, Antivirus scans, and malware removal are also solved when working with us. Our managed IT service will redefine your enterprise operation to Concentrate more on the organization’s growth while we handle all the IT-related hurdles of yours.

Our team of IT professionals will ensure That the organization's application and operations are up to date with the current security steps.
Continuous development of the process
Resolving business threats arising in the IT sector such as system failure and loss of data, to avoid these casualties DSL will establish a Disaster recovery plan.
Productivity and innovation
We will enable your Enterprise to make smarter and bold moves with cloud-supported Innovation that Harness all productivity.

Managed support services

Divergent provide all-rounder IT support services that will meet all the business demands of growing enterprises. We offer a comprehensive solution to all modern business challenges, which includes end-to-end IT management services like expert level strategic consulting, on-site or remote IT management services, 24/7 robust emergency helpline.

If you are looking to initiate your cloud journey or looking for a stronger, safer, better IT infrastructure, the best idea out there is to hire the service of a managed service provider for your business. Get the industry experts to set you up with the latest technology and resources to enhance your organization’s growth by guiding you on the right path.

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Predictable cost
Manage cost with a fixed MSP pricing agreement without committing to long-term requirements.
Continuous process improvement
Run process improvement at all stages with DSL, which will offer the industry's leading service framework.
Focus on your business growth
with Divergent as your IT handler, focus your qualitative time on the growth of your enterprise.
we will enable you to shuffle all managed IT service plans easily allowing you to make adjustments to IT support requirements based on your bigger strategic vision.

Managed network services

Companies benefit from using the network as a service to enhance their network infrastructure for performance gains. Careful planning and testing by divergent soft lab network engineers will help you by efficiently managing your Network smartly. Also, for small businesses, we can drive process efficiency by using our demand model which is payable only to fulfill a particular set of requirements.

Divergent provides end-to-end network services and infrastructure that is secure and highly managed. You will get strong enterprise connectivity solutions.

Cost control
Network services are charged on a fixed cost basis that is coupled with lowered upgrade costs.
Timely maintenance
We offer quicker services supported by a modern infrastructure that will preventative maintenance checks allowing continuous enhancement.
Network security
Get network protection against viruses, malware, and other intrusions as we will ensure data security with policy-secured configuration for critical business applications.