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Missing visibility advantages in your operations? Try DivergentSL for advance Manufacturing IT solutions helping your business rule your domain. We help you in building custom made IT solutions to enhance your customer experience improve your efficiency in managing your manufacturing operations using high-end technology for data analytics, trending solutions and automation. We help you build powerful manufacturing IT solutions for web and mobile by using artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine learning and more.


Finding good workforce is difficult in the industry and do not allow businesses to leverage new technology for manufacturing and training.
There is no high-end technology that helps businesses secure their communication with their customers.
Very few businesses use predictive analysis to manage their manufacturing and improve their decision making.
Very less adaptation of manufacturing intelligence to make implementation, management and investment profitable for businesses.
Our Services
Use high-end software solutions well-integrated with data analytics tools to help you reduce cost in manging your assets and improves your decision making.
Reduces your operational cost.
Optimizes your work flow.
Decreases waste caused in manufacturing products.
Provides better visibility.
Efficient Enterprise Resource Planning systems that help you focus on your supply chain with integrated solutions to support your business in financial and managerial operations.
Better supply chain management .
Well-defined dashboard for resource planning.
Reduces overall workload.
Leverage the power of IoT solutions and automate your workflow to reduce your workload and operational cost.
Provides you crucial data.
Reduces work load.
Intelligent manufacturing with reduction in wastage.
Helps you identify new business opportunities.
Reduces operational time.
Improves performance and increases profit margins.
Customized inventory management system to meet your unique business needs. We help you develop inventory management systems that can help you manage your multiple stores and perform complex tasks.
Improved decision making.
Decreased losses.
No overproduction, under production.
Leverage new business opportunities.
Real-time data management.
Male and female industrial worker or engineers in hard helmet discuss project while using laptop. Man and woman technician people working in heavy technology invention industry manufacturing factory.
Manage your remote business operations better by collaborating with advance technology. We help you in easy management of employee activities, work schedules, supply management and dispatch work by building multi-functional Field service operation management systems.
Remotely assess data.
Access and operate business using any device.
Perform complex business operations with one click.
Get summarized reports on business operations.
Track your remote staff and manage their data accessibility as per your business hierarchy.
Manage your manufacturing, dispatch and supply from a single user-friendly dashboard. We help you in building technology-driven software solutions that makes order tracking easy and reduces human efforts in manufacturing processes.
Improves customer experience.
Better product tracking.
Gain crucial insights to improve customer services.
Fasten your support services.
Make order tracking easy.


Automate your business operations.
Manage your supply chain better.
User high-end technology to fight your business challenges.
Get competitive edge in your business operations.
Reduce losses and increase profitability with crucial business insights.
Manage quality of manufactured goods better with Quality management system.