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Non-profit organizations are branched and they have a major problem handling their good works due to dependency on the low-key technologies. Get highly-experienced software developers at Divergent SL with industry-specific knowledge of building solutions that secure your data, manage your resources, gives you power to work remotely and manage online and offline donations for audits and regulatory purposes.


Securing data is one of the key challenges faced by the non-profit organizations.
Lack of technical experience can stun their growth and scalability as the aim is to go global.
Finding high-technology solutions to manage massive data and securing it is difficult in a low budget.
Allowing online donations, managing content and developing their online presence.
Our Services
purchase module 2
Developing purchase modules to keep a track on the purchases made to be distributed amongst the needy and improve their life. It is necessary that you keep a close track on what is being distributed, through what channel and in what quantity to manage operations better.
Helps you in managing your inventory.
Helps in managing your supply chain.
Improves distribution of goods amongst social workers for wholesome development.
Does all the work through one single dashboard with all necessary toolsets.
Cloud computing and network security concept, 3d rendering,conceptual image.
Cloud integration provides you flexibility to work remotely and access data and make important decisions. We help you in integrating your web applications on Cloud securely, without hindering your on-going business operations.
Provide remote accessibility to data.
Helps you perform crucial tasks.
Provide you power to define roles and accessibility to employees as per organizational hierarchy.
Keeps your data secure and undamaged even during any natural mishap.
Get custom ERP development services allowing you to manage your supply chain better get integrated solutions to manage your business operations including finances, management, and more.
Gain crucial insights to improve your decision making.
Have tools to scale your organizations potential to reach overseas.
Manage order, distribution supply single-handedly.


High-quality software solutions at competitive prices.
Improves your work efficiency to ten folds.
Provides you crucial insights to plan better.
Helps you grow global with solutions that helps you manage remote working.