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React Native

React Native

React Native

React Native is a very popular JavaScript-based mobile application that allows you to build mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. It was released by Facebook in 2015 as an open-source project. It soon became one of the top software used for mobile application development. React Native is currently used to power some of the most popular applications in the world such as Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Pinterest, Uber Eats, Walmart, etc.

React Native enables you to develop applications for both platforms, viz. iOS, and Android, with the same code. Usually, you would need to use Java for an Android application while you would need Swift or Obj-C for iOS. With React Native, this problem is removed and you can develop applications efficiently that run on both platforms by writing a code in the same language.
If you want to develop cross-platform and high-performing applications, hire React Native developers from Divergent Software Labs Pvt. Ltd.. Our developers are well-trained in making high-quality and user-friendly applications that support various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

We offer developers who are well trained in the various aspects of React Native. Reach out to us and we will help you build quality applications using this efficient tool. Our developers will aid you to create an application to meet your business needs and satisfy your customer’s requirements as well. Our developers never compromise on quality and we assure you that you will find our services worth the cost and time.

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