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Retail, Ecommerce, B2B Solutions

DivergentSL helps you build software solutions to improve your business abilities. Having served more than 100 products to our retail clients we are one of the best ecommerce and B2B software development company that offers you solutions to improve your business operations, gain data and analytics to improve your business strategies and engage more users to gain local and global business. We also do web and mobile app development for B2B and B2C applications, highly customized as per your unique business.


Retail is highly competitive industry and it is difficult to stand out in the market.
Custom software development to fit unique business needs is highly required in the industry.
For the software and apps to run complex operations, functionality and seamless experience is essential.
Retail is one of the most competitive industries with customer fragmentation at local and global levels.
Our Services
We help you manage your business inventory by providing you a highly sophisticated inventory management system that tracks your entire supply chain right from purchasing to production to sales.
Highly customized as per your industry needs.
Third party integrations to provide you more operational flexibility and reduce development cost.
Maintenance and support services to keep your software at the top of their game.
Integrated data analytics tools and cloud services for secure remote access.
We help you build content management system that allows you to improve your content and optimise it for SEO practices.Using our content management system, you can easily make changes in your product content, upload new content and add categories and much more.
We customize your content management system to meet your business needs.
We integrate third party APIs to help you make sure your content is meeting SEO guidelines.
We offer maintenance services to keep your CMS glitch free.
We provide you scalability to grow as your range of products increases.
We provide you highly engaging web and mobile ecommerce applications that are visually stunning and added with needed ecommerce features including online payments, data security, package tracking and much more.
Our web and mobile applications are feature-rich and engaging.
We use high-end technology to make payment secure for users.
We make app interface highly user-friendly.
We make highly responsive web and mobile applications. We also do cross platform app development to reduce your app development cost and time.
We have a dedicated support and maintenance team that makes sure that your software and applications are running smoothly and bug-free.
24*7 support.
Resolves query in less than 48 hours.
Dedicated project managers for communication.


We help you get hold of the essential data to form your marketing strategies.
We use modern technology and high-end infrastructure to deliver quality product.
Feature-rich and secure software development services.
We make sure you have early access to new technologies and trends.
Great degree of customization to offer your users personalized experience.
Highly flexible developer engagement models.