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Tensorflow is an open-sourced library that facilitates large-scale machine learning and numerical computation. It is python-friendly and was created by the Google Brain Team in the year 2015. It eases the process of acquiring data, training models, serving predictions, and refining future results. It is used both for machine learning as well as deep learning. Tensorflow is a cross-platform tool. It can run on iOS and Android devices, CPUs or GPU’s and even TPU’s( Tensorflow Processing Units ). Tensorflow enables developers to make dataflow graphs that depict the flow of data on a graph. Tensorflow operates mostly in the Python language which is fairly simple to learn and work on. However, the actual math operations are not performed in Python. The libraries of transformations that are available through Tensorflow are written as high-performance C++ binaries.

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    Tensorflow provides you with the following benefits

    Keras Friendly
    Tensorflow is compatible with Keras allowing you to code some higher functionality sections. Keras provides system-specific functionality to Tensorflow, such as eager execution, pipelining, and estimators.
    Multilingual Compatibility
    It is compatible with many programming languages such as C++, JavaScript, Python, C#, Ruby, etc. This allows you to work in a coding environment in which you are comfortable.
    Data Visualization
    This platform provides its users with better data visualization using its graphical approach. Moreover, TensorBoard allows easy debugging of nodes. This helps to reduce the effort in visiting the whole code.
    Open-Source Platform
    It is an open-source platform and is thus available to everyone and anyone across the globe. It also makes it ready for the development of any system on it.
    Highly Scalable
    Tensorflow supports most operations on its platform. It can be used on any device and any model is graphically represented on it. This allows users to develop any type of system using Tensorflow.
    Backed by Google
    It facilitates smooth performance without any issues along with frequent updates to enhance user experience. As it is backed by Google, library management is never an issue in this platform.
    Strong Community
    Tensorflow is backed by Google as already mentioned above. Moreover, it has an active community that supports the platform.

    Tensorflow has a lot of applications in the world today. Here are some of the top applications of the platform

    Voice Recognition
    Text-Based Applications
    Image Recognition
    Time Series
    Video Detection

    Tensorflow has risen due to the massive growth in the world of machine learning. It is expected to rise even more in the coming years.