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Trending features

Trending features of application development in 2021


Trending features of application development in 2021

Every individual who has turned to technology in order to lead a simple life, shall know what influence a smartphone has cast on his life. Indeed, the rage that smartphones have generated in the past few years has taken the entire world of technology by storm . Of all the contributions ever made by mobile phones, the most dynamic one has to be the genesis of “Mobile applications”. The kind of revolution mobile applications have brought into our lives, is unimaginable. The multiple benefits offered by the many applications built into a device has cut down on a lot of efforts that has in return, amplified the scope of improvement for leading mobile application development establishments. From creating seamless communication channels, to delivering global affairs to us at the click of a button, mobile applications have created a whole new concept of an industry that shall never cease to grow!

Now that the world is largely dependent on mobile applications to get the tiniest of their woks done, let us now trace back to history and unravel the dramatic origin of mobile applications and their ushering into a mammoth industry.

The multitudes of features offered by mobile applications , have drawn the attention of large number of years, with the potential to include even greater number of users in the coming years. The reach of social media is no more restricted to share fun events with friends and relatives, it’s much more than that. The accurate prediction of data science models has redesigned the figures of sales by precise assessment. All this and more has been swiftly crept into the field of mobile app development offering plenty opportunities for businesses to garner target audience. Additionally, the seamless integration of the real and the digital sphere has been highly welcomed by the users since it creates a surreal experience for them.

App responsiveness is another key element to be taken into consideration while designing these apps since the fitting into any scope of devices , whether small sized smartphones or sizeable tablets. With the increasing sizes of smartphones these days , it is expected that better app responsiveness might help users magnify their experience of the finest applications available at their disposal. In addition to that, a simple design and crisp arrangement of elements in the app should be taken into consideration, so as to create a unbound workstation for avid app users. Keeping in mind that an app in itself is a huge world in its own , creators should manage to embrace avant-grade technology and and merits such as beacon technology to encourage information-sharing in between mobile apps.

Looking at all the swift evolution in mobile app development sector, more and more companies have now set their foot in the arena to provide never-before solutions through futuristic app solutions , keeping in mind the growing inclination of users towards smartphones. Its also to be noted that not all the mobile applications launched make their mark amidst the aggressive trends in the market. In the year 2021, we can expect mobile applications to take the centre stage of advanced consumer solutions making AI an inseparable part of the digital revolution.

While the debates of whether or not the emerging apps shall continue to run a lengthy race, let us quickly navigate through the current mobile application trends taking over the preceding ones!!

Internet of Things

The IoT trade is expected to reach an invincible spot by the beginning of the year 2023 owing to the huge influence which it has cast on the consumers in the past few years. The opportunities offered to the app users to regulate their appliances at home with gadgets has helped users develop a mad fascination towards IoT technology within no time. The huge ability of IoT to exchange large amounts of data has definitely made it one of the top picks of users .

Artificial Intelligence

Soon enough, AI has started building a new niche for itself in all kinds of devices and most mobile apps now boast of AI technology to influence the users. The applications with built in AI have appealed to the people thus making editing, voice regulations widely available in all smartphones. Needless to say, AI has a long way to go.


Well, to all the people out there who have already witnessed the slithering in of chatbots into their interactions in day to day lives, can perhaps already foresee a future associated with this indispensible technology. A very popular app glorifying the chatbot technology is Facebook messenger.

Biometric verification

Probably , biometric verification has proved to be the game-changer when it comes to scanning fingerprints, voice scanning or decoding hand geometry. It is evident that soon biometric technology shall find its way to payments and other essential services.

Beacon technology

Beacon technology uses Bluetooth signals to present information through a mobile application. This technology too has helped cut down the barrier between the app users and leading establishments . Thus beacon technology has crept into the hotel business, healthcare facilities and many such establishments.


Wearable devices have made a huge impact on the people and found a place in the day to day lives of the users. By the year 2017, almost 450 million wearable devices were recorded . No doubt wearables are soon going to dominate a viable space in mobile app developments.

The 5G technology

The 5G or 5th generation wireless technology is expected to deliver a higher performance and a much more integrated user interaction surface . The massive range of network and greater responsiveness is sure to engulf the digital market , though attempts have to be made to increase the access of users to enjoy the benefits of the wireless innovation.

With all of these trending features, and many more coming to the view, Divergentsoftlab has come up with a vision to cater to the requirements of their clients in the wake of the huge demand for unique mobile applications to shrink global businesses into one platform. The company deals with enterprises Application development to create a multi-user, multi-developer and multi-component environment so that multiple business requirements can be met with precision. The team has a group of experts having expertise in the field of mobile app development, web application development and enterprise application development. With over a decade of experience in mobile app development, the team can easily asses the needs of the customers and design solutions to keep up with the expectations of our loyal customers.

Indubitably, the evolving arena of mobile applications has a lot more potential than we can gauge today. The stiff competition can be survived by those experts who understand the core requirements of their customers and offer them timely solutions to keep them glued for a long time. Nevertheless, Application development does have a huge potential to develop into a huge field…

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