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Enterprise Mobility


Enterprise Mobility

Business mobility or Enterprise mobility is the budding tendency of businesses to put forward distant working options, consent to the use of personal laptops and mobile devices for business purposes and make use of cloud technology for data access. With a sudden shift from a traditional business system to a decentral offshore business model Enterprise mobility comes with a promise of greater agility to businesses and a paradigm shift in the next gen business processes.

Why Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility is something that gives workforce flexibility and choice, which can enhance job satisfaction and boost efficiency. Plus, by now every establishment is already doing some form of enterprise mobility anywayThe EMM market is developing to provide ever more all-inclusive (and specific) services for device and application management. Let’s discuss in detail what exactly an EMM solution is and how it is turning the business upside down mitigating various diversified needs of companies.

Enterprise mobility Solutions are defined as a set of protocols, Business rules and standards in trend with the latest technologies designed with an objective to ensure secured data on employees’ mobile and BYOD devices. Al though EMM has a varied range of technical manifestations, predominantly it is more preferred with a suite of Mobile management systems and services that protect data in accordance with intellectual property; , Personal Identifiable Information  Act  and specific processes that ensure the security of confidential and sensitive data by integrating with internal data management systems and implement various levels of data based regulatory compliances and data security concerns .

What is enterprise mobility management?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a combined set of policies, practices, and technology solutions that permit organizations to supervise and be in command of mobile devices for corporate use. These devices may be corporate-owned or bringing their own devices used to retrieve sensitive business information.

EMM brings strong management capabilities to control the way mobile users, devices, and apps interact with the corporate network. The idea is to strike the right balance between dynamic mobile workforce operations and information security.

Features in EMM tools & solutions

The Enterprise Mobility Management tool integrates the enrolled devices with the commercial set of connections, updating the essential security configurations and applying a variety of organizational controls.

An Enterprise mobility solution Structurally includes the following features:

  • Application Management controls which apps can be downloaded to the device, access corporate networks, and work together with accessed information.
  • Network Management controls network access, data transfer limitations, geofencing, and other VPN connections for enrolled devices connecting with the corporate network remotely.
  • Service Management administers self-services and push-updates of apps, configurations, settings, and IT service requests as controlled by IT admins. It also helps control how devices consume the services, in the form of data usage and roaming cellular connectivity.
  • Content Management typically involves around how one can implement organizational policies in your data storage in your respective devices. It also gives an additional space for audit trails for sensitive business information and activity around the system
  • Analytics and Intelligence audit that are obtained with the help of EMM solutions captures data information to the granular level on varied devices, apps and scattered/Structured content within various network activities, and helps in gauging analytics that will transform  productivity and performance of a mobile workforce.
  • Device and App Lifecycle Management offers endpoint lifecycle management features, ranging from device on boarding and service provisioning to decommissioning and remote security measures such as data wipe.

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