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Plunge your Revenues with Trending UI/UX Designs – 5 Powerful Design Hacks to Cruise your Business

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Plunge your Revenues with Trending UI/UX Designs – 5 Powerful Design Hacks to Cruise your Business

The business value of design aesthetics is no more a question to be asked. In this era of digital transformation, user experience is what drives a software product’s success, whether B2B or B2C. Hence, it has become critical for businesses to understand the significance of a seamless and unique UI/UX design for their product.

Design frame work is an experience that sets the tempo for rest of the business process right from attention to intention to desire. A user Experience is a mixture of imagination, Value, connects, messaging and Ideation. The context of a powerful UI/UX design is primarily divided into power to convince, Consumer’s behavioral pattern, Visual Artistry, Usability and punch of content.

Of late technology has propelled us to multiple dimensions where interaction with different systems, thought processes and objectives is no more a luxury but an inevitable necessity. UI and UX designs when combined with multiple aspects the MVP is something really truly special.

Let’s dive in and see the 5 powerful hacks that are intersection of technology and human creativity which brings out the design aspects which creates a brand to remember for long.

Power to Convince

It is considered as the subject that is more focused on creating a long lasting user experience. It is more about understanding the hidden emotions that plays important role to influence people’s behavior and decision-making, and then catalyze the action on that information to design compelling user interactions making a rational decision, based on real evidence. This past of design element has 5 major elements that enable the designer to create a master piece that triggers the consumers purchase decisions.

  • Exemplary introduction.
  • Superior design effect.
  • engaging Story.
  • Impeccable Depiction.
  • Impactful Influence.
Consumer’s behavioral pattern

Regardless of how the design triggers the user experience it is very important to understand the attributes of a design which will drive the behavioral patterns of a customer to make a decision. It is imperative for a designer to understand how and why a customer behaves or responds to a certain design or a story. The art of understanding the consumer behavior is far more beyond the science of design; instead it is a peculiar combination of psychology with sociology.  On a bigger canvas it is important for a designer to be equipped in handling.

  • Cognitive Dissonance.
  • Pressure of Expectation.
  • Functionality Dilemm.
Visual Artistry

The aim of visual artistry is to improve the UX by developing an understanding of the effects of illustrations, photography, typography, space, layouts, and color on the usability of products and on their aesthetic appeal. It emphasizes upon the aesthetics of a product and its characteristics by strategically implementing images, colors, fonts, and other elements. A successful visual artistry ensures that the soul of the page always remains the centre point of focus and the engagement is driven by the design element that helps to build the trust and interest in a brand.

The key points to remember while mastering the art of visual artistry are;

  • Usability
  • Alignment
  • Color
  • Consistency
  • Symmetry
  • Golden Ratio

The crucial part that shapes the UI/UX design is its capability in terms of Usability and Interactions.While many reckon that design usability is majorly on the ease of use but in fact there is much more to it than just the ease of using.

  • Finding the Route– A design is said to be effective when information provided is easily and effectively navigated. This technically means a situation where a Navigator can freely move from information of origin to destination in easiest manner that enriches the user experience and hence builds a great trust and bond.
  • Performance– Performance of a page is an unavoidable element and a good design needs to find ways to provide right performance at the right time to ensure a great user experience.
  • Visibility– Human brain functions on the concept of memorizing via images, a good to great design is one that has crisp and clear visibility that initiates constant notice which invites attention and drives actions.
  • Creating Perceptions- Brand perception plays a very important role in customer’s decision making and the best way to create a positive brand perception is by creating both visual and auditory sensory alerts in the mind of the consumers. This helps them to know and understand the environment and to take necessary actions then after.     
  • Operability and Simplicity: The design should me made easily to operate and simple to use without any barrier or blockage in its operation.
Punch of Content

Content is just not filling up your web pages; it is more of building confidence amongst your existing & potential clients. It helps you create high value brand awareness and drives traffic to your website where your products or services are listed.

The benefits of content is not limited to getting audiences and generating revenue but there are some other benefits too which cannot be measured in terms of monetary benefits. Content marketing’s growth has been explosive and is showing no signs of stopping, to make it more specific “Content is the Soul”.

Protonshub’s UI/UX design and development services are focused on creating high performing user interfaces that makes every digital interaction a delightful and everlasting user experience. We work as an extended UX team for startups, SME’s and Enterprises in  bringing an in-depth understanding of the business, design and technical aspects so as to build digital products with a great user experience that affirms the business goals.

We are the powerhouse of creative designs with a comprehensive UX/UI design process. Our UX/UI team has proven experience in delivering engaging designs that communicate brand personality, showcase your products and improve conversion rate, order value, basket size and more.

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