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What is React Native and Why Use React Native for Mobile App Development


What is React Native and Why Use React Native for Mobile App Development

If you want to jump into native mobile development, then the react native framework is the best tool you can use. React Native (RN) application development is a thriving solution today.  In this Blog we will understand the benefits of a React Native app development= why RN is Popular and  the usual technical perspective as to when you should choose a  RN  for you, and when it’s not a right time for your next project.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework for building native mobile apps using JavaScript. React Native combines the best parts of native development with React, the best JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

The main characteristic of this framework is that the apps made with react native functions are just like native apps. There’s no difference from the apps built on Java, Objective-C or Swift and they use the same UI building blocks as native iOS or Android apps. But with React Native, building a mobile app is much faster, easier and comparatively less expensive.

Nowadays many companies believe in building their apps using React Native as a solution as one can write pretty much all of the code in JavaScript and share it across iOS and Android and you save on time, Money and efforts in two different teams and two parallel projects.

Is React native worth using?

React Native as a technology has its own advantages, Benefits , Feature  and disadvantages. So before deciding whether it is a good fit in your particular project, an analysis is mandatory.

Who is using React Native?

This framework for mobile development was published in January 2015 and in March 2015, Facebook made React Native open and available on GitHub. Due to its expediency and recognition, a lot of apps are using RN as a solution. Applications like Facebook, Instagram, Uber eats, Skype, Bloomberg and Pinterest. These are the top-notch applications which are using React Native framework.

The pros and cons of React Native:
  • Timesaving

The main benefit of using React Native is that it’s timesaving.

Since the application reloads right away amid the improvement stage. An android designer can have a handle on the torment.

  • Easier

This framework empowers the making of a solitary code base that can be blended for iOS and Android. It enables the engineer to invest less time and energy in coding.

  • User Experience

This framework is phenomenal so a mobile application with React Native guarantees high competence and streamlines user experience.

  • Debugging 

Debugging a mobile application built on React Native is a complex procedure. There are some cases where RN components work worse than native components.

  • Configuration

Sometimes, local library coordination inside a React Native application requires plenty of configurations.

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